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MobilePay & Swipp

MCA has made integrations for an undisclosed customer with the latest and greatest payment systems:
– Danske Bank MobilePay
– Paii Swipp.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, they contracted MCA to complement their solution with the new payment options.

The projects were executed rapidly and we got certified on the first go!

Debitoor Mobile Apps

Debitoor entrusted MCA to deliver its mobile presence for both Apple and Android devices.
It was a collaboration and coordination of many teams to successfully deliver a stable solution to a system that is continuously evolving and striving to be the best in class.

We didn't disappoint, as confirmed by the 4.5+ review score by the users of the mobile applications. Check out the links below:

Waoo! ADV

Waoo had an issue dealing with vast quantities of geolocation metadata that were all provided in different formats. Besides having to compile them in same searchable database, it needed to enforce business rules that would affect the sales process. There was also a requirement for manual and automated (FTP) delivery of the data by the providers.

MCA was approached to bring forward ideas to a solution that would allow end-users to check their home address for Fiber Availability.

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