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If you have a procedure that is repetitive, laborious, or error prone, why not simply automate the process and focus on what’s important – your business.

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The DIBS system allows payment options with a multitude of different debit or credit cards. Combining DIBS with invoices issued by e-conomic, allows the end-customer to easily settle their fees.

The integration allows the end-customer to pay their invoice in less than a minute.

Bisnode Decide

Bisnode Decide targets the small business owner that wants to check the credit ratings and performance of its clients. MCA interconnected it in a streamlined and automatic way into e-conomic.

The credit rating and max credit limit is sent to the customer in e-conomic, thus preventing from risky invoices to be booked.


There are many businesses that are delivering their products or services at the client’s location, or simply outdoors. It is therefore important to get paid upon delivery, and not wait to issue the invoice when you get back to the office.

MCA integrated the iZettle payment platform into the MobileOffice app, making it possible to accept payment from the mobile creditcard terminal.

It should be noted that iZettle provides free terminal for some markets.

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